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Joan Semmel

Go Figure, installation view, Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH (2018)

Joan Semmel is included in the exhibition Go Figure at the Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH. 

GO FIGURE takes on the human form in ways both inquisitively tender and provocatively direct. Works offer an array of perspectives about how we look at others, how we look at ourselves, how we take in and interpret bodily forms, and what we deduce from those encounters. At this particular moment, our bodies face an outlandish number of threats ranging from gun violence to legislation against reproductive rights, to widespread sexual abuse. The works in this exhibition do not shy away from fundamental discussions pertinent to our culture wars, showing how figuration in painting, photography, and sculpture can address aging, sexuality, the inequities of the art historical canon, social media obsessions, and definitions of intimacy.

Go Figure 
May 10 - August 12, 2018
Pizzuti Collection
632 North Park Street
Columbus, OH 43215